Design & Planning Construction Projects | West Oxfordshire Builders

Design and planning construction projects requires times and consideration yet it is key to success. Early engagement with us is important so we can truly understand your requirements from the outset. Why not ask us to visit your property or site before you begin? This way we can support and advise you – in partnership with you – from the very beginning. We can work with you on the design and planning of your construction projects in a number of ways.

  • If you know what you need and you already have plans or architects working for you, we can work as an extension of their team and just get building for you. We can liaise with them to ensure we interpret any designs correctly, and deliver the project efficiently, accurately and within budget.

  • We can also introduce you to our trusted architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyor contacts within the industry, work closely with them to move your project forward and complete the building work you need.

We can also guide you through any planning and building control applications, dealing with local authorities and removing any stress. By choosing our team of West Oxfordshire builders you will be working with a reliable and trustworthy company who will always support you and keep you informed during this often challenging process. We can even put you in touch with previous customers so you can talk to them about the work we have done.


A building project is a big financial commitment and involves lots of decision making. Our team of general builders will work closely with you to build a cost plan that feels comfortable for you and give you visibility and clarity to make the right choices.

Get in touch and let us take a fresh approach to the design and planning of your construction project.