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Refurbishment & renovation | Witney builders

Buying a property that needs a lick of paint is one thing but a complete renovation job or refurbishment can be a real challenge.

Your vision
If you have a vision for how you want your property to look then fantastic! You might be remodelling it to include the must-have kitchen diner; you may want to create an office space for the now prevalent home office; or you might want to make it completely open plan to give it the wow factor as you walk through the front door. Alternatively you might not have a vision for the property. Maybe you bought the house knowing that it needed work but you’re just not sure which walls to keep and which to knock down. You know you want to add value through renovation and guarantee a profit for when you sell the property on, but what kind of layout will generate the most income?


Your motive
Whatever your motive, whether you are buying a property for your family to live in for the next ten years – or if you are buying for a business venture, it will help to discuss your plans with us. We’ve worked on all sorts of projects and can advise you on the best routes to take to help you achieve your objectives.


Your bill
We will also do our best to ensure you don’t overspend. Building projects can be notoriously expensive with hidden costs being added to your bill along the way. Unlike many builders we’re completely transparent and throughout the project we’ll talk to you about costs and any issues we uncover that could impact the final bill.


Talk to us about your refurbishment and renovation projects, large or small. We’ll help you with a vision to transform your property if you need assistance. Plus, we’ll work hard to get your project completed on time and within your budget.


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