1.  Can you tell me exactly what needs to be done with my building project?

We will document a scope of works based on your drawings to give you as much detail as we are able to.  We will then talk you through what will happen, step by step, identifying key milestones and what decisions are required by you and at what point.


2.  Have you done this sort of work before?

Our team have extensive construction experience. Their CV’s are available at your request.   We have completed many domestic extensions, commercial fit-outs and bathroom refurbishments. We are happy to show you our full portfolio.


3.  When can you start?

We will be honest, we have full pipeline of work. We will endeavour to fit our experienced crews around your timeline.  The best thing to do is to talk to us about your specific needs.


4.  How much will it cost?

We provide transparent and honest costings which we work through with you prior to works commencing on site.


5.  Can you provide me with some details of satisfied customers?

Yes, we can provide references specific to your work on request or you can browse our customer testimonials on our web site.


6.  How long will the work take? 

This obviously varies based on the work you’re having done.  We will be really clear upfront on timescales.


7.  What are your working hours?  What about weekends?

Generally, our working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  We will work with you to ensure that works with your requirements.  There is always a possibility that specialist trades need to work at weekends to stay ahead of programme.


8  Are Flint Property Group the right fit for you and your building project?

At Flint our mission is to provide excellent customer service throughout your building project.  This means regular communication, transparency of costings, honesty in relation to best approach for your project and impeccable attention to detail and quality.


9.  What is the schedule and what contingencies are in place to ensure that it’s done on time?

We will provide you with a schedule of works and it is our intention to deliver against it.  With any building project, in particular in the ground and with refurbishments, there can be unknown, unforeseen circumstances out of our control.  The way we combat this is to have regular (weekly) updates with you.

10.  What disruption would this cause to me/neighbours etc?

Building is a noisy, dusty and disruptive process. We always work closely with you to make sure you’re aware of when the disruptions will occur allowing you to plan around us and the build.


11.  Who is responsible for project manging/leading the project?

We provide you with a comprehensive guide to your team on site, a full client contract and absolute clarity on who is responsible for what and when.


12.  What does the aftercare look like? If a fault was found after works complete what would you do?

The quality of your on-going building project when we have completed the works and our ongoing reputation is important to us. Contractually we only invoice 95% of the contract sum at practical completion, the remainder is payable after 3 months post practical completion.


13.  Do you use your own employed staff?

All our general building teams are employed directly by Flint.  Occasionally we employ specialist trades people to complete specific parts of your build.  An example in point might be an electrician who has to have specific qualifications, competency and experience to work on electrics.


14.  Will your staff be on site full time until my job is complete and not pop off for a day to finish something else?

The team on your build are dedicated to your project for the duration.  On occasion, we might have to wait for materials to be delivered (eg. a client ordered kitchen to arrive) and in order to keep costs low we might use the resources elsewhere.  This will never be done without prior agreement with you.


15.  Can I expect to see you (the boss) regularly to check progress?

Yes.  Flint is a growing business, but our priority is customer service and satisfaction.  You will regularly see our senior team on site and catching up with you about your build.